• Kids in Sports is the best! My son learned to love all different sports in just 45 minutes a week. He developed all the basic skills and language for soccer, baseball, football, volleyball and more, but all the information was presented in a fun, enjoyable, game-like way! He loved playing with the other kids but mostly he loved the fabulous coaches, like Coach Ian, who brought him into the group, taught gym skills and made him laugh with delight. The medal ceremony is a big perk too!

    -Zibby Right
  •  Our son attended Kids in Sports classes for several years. At every age, this sports class has been his favorite activity. He has learned the basics of so many sports and always likes his coaches. This summer he attended Kids in Sports camp at Randall's Island and it was a highlight of his summer.

    Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi Founder and CEO Physique 57 24 West 57th Street, Suite 805 New York, NY 10019 T 212.399.0570 www.physique57.com
  • I love Kids in Sports! It has taught both of my boys athletic sports skills in a fun environment. The coaches are incredibly friendly and personable. The atmosphere is upbeat and fun. The variety allows the kids to learn to kick, throw, run...and learn the skills to be athletic rather than focusing only on one sport. My almost 6 year old son started the program when he was 2 and feels incredibly comfortable with the coaches and the program.As he has grown and developed, the program has grown with him. I am thankful to Kids in Sports for being an extraordinary partner helping me coach my child as an athlete.

    -Nancy Lascher
  • When I signed my son Miles up for Kids In Sports day camp, I thought he would have fun for a few hours each day after his original camp ended. I never expected he would come home talking to me about the different serves in volleyball, what do to when hitting a ball in baseball and the importance of how to hold the stick in hockey. It was amazing to see how much he learned in three weeks and how much fun he had with Coach Kevin and the rest coaches. Now, I have to find time in his schedule to continue.

    Beth Pilchik
  • Kids In Sports has been a great program for our son, Christopher. I think the combination of learning sports skills, good sportsmanship and team work are all extremely important to young children. I have actually been pleasantly surprised at the 3 and 4 year olds’ ability to follow the instructions and learn terminology for the various sports. The upbeat demeanor and great enthusiasm of all the coaches makes this program one my son never wants to miss! I think it is equally important that at such young ages, the children can be introduced to sports in a fun and noncompetitive way. The games they play show the thought and creativity of the great team of coaches.

    Mr. Borten
  • I have three children, a girl & two boys, who have all participated in Kids In Sports classes. I can honestly say it is the best children's program around. The coaches teach skills which are the foundation for all team sports in a suppportive, creative and non-comprehensive manner. Most importantly, The kids have so much fun! Kids In Sports understands what each child is capable of from a developmental standpoint and they help each child reach his/her potential through encouragement and positive reinforcement. I found that when it came time for competitive teams sports, Kids In Sports had prepared my children - they had the skills and sportsmanship to get the most out of their sports experiences.

    Dr. Laura Ross
  • My children have been taking Kids in Sports classes for the past 3 years. Coach Kenny and Coach Mike have designed a program that not only teaches athletic skills but also teaches the children to be good sports men. The staff creates a positive environment for the children where they learn to work in a group and develop skills of self esteem. There is nothing more fun as a mother to hear your child ask, “Is today Kids in Sports Day?” Kids in Sports is our favorite after school activity!

    Jojo Mackay Herzig
  • I am writing to let you know how tremendously pleased we have been with the quality of your Kids in Sports Program. You and your instructors are wonderful and innovative teachers and we have been amazed with our son's progress since beginning the program a year ago. You are able to teach very small children important skills and improve their coordination. Most importantly, you have taught our son to love sports and exercise, something that will last him a lifetime. Our son never wants to miss a class! I would recommend your classes to other parents without hesitation. Thank you again for creating such an outstanding program.

    Sincerely, Liz Roddy