COVID-19 Rules & Regulations

New Rules & Regulations

The safety and health of your children has been and will continue to be a priority at Kids In Sports.  It will be a little different when classes resume.  Below are the steps we will be taking:

  • When you and your child arrive for class, please come no more than 5 minutes prior to the class start time. 
  • For separation classes, please limit 1 adult to enter the facility with only the child or children attending class (no siblings.) Due to capacity restrictions, we need to limit the number of people in the facility before, during and after class.  
  • For adult participation classes, we ask that only one adult enter the facility with only the child or children attending the class. That same adult should also be the one participating in the class. 
  • When entering the facility, staff members will be wearing a mask since it will be difficult to social distance at that time. We ask adults to wear their masks as well. We will require all children 3 and older to be masked during class. 
  • Everyone entering the building must use hand sanitizer which will be available in the lobby.
  • A staff member will be taking temperatures using a non-contact, infrared thermometer. All staff members will be required to have their temperature taken each day when they arrive for work. We are requiring that any adults participating or staying at the facility during class have their temperatures taken.  We will ask each adult for permission to take a child’s temperature as it may be scary for some children. If you do not want Kids In Sports to take your child’s temperature, you must take their temperature prior to entering the facility and indicate they are healthy enough to participate.
  • Each child will have a cubby for their water bottle and belongings. We ask you limit the amount of items you bring with you to Kids In Sports.  No cubbies will be shared.
  • Water bottles will be allowed but we ask their name is clearly printed on it and they must leave it in their cubby. We will also provide disposable cups at our water fountain as always.


During Class:
  • We will limit class to 10 children maximum in class. 
  • For classes with children 12-36 months old where adults participate in the sports room, we may limit the number of the children to less than 10 to adhere to capacity limits. During these classes, only one adult will be allowed to participate and no siblings will be allowed in the facility. We will be creating stations for each child so they have their own equipment, but we will also not be using certain equipment (climbing mats, tunnel, slide, etc.) that require sharing.
  • We understand that children will be children and it is difficult for them to understand the concept of social distancing. There may be times the children are less than 6 feet apart from coaches and other children. We will do our best to keep them apart throughout the class.
  • For our 45 and 60 minute classes, the children will remain in the sports room unless they need a water break or a bathroom break.
  • For longer classes, we will be utilizing the event room for snack time and arts and crafts. Each child will have their own space and they will remain at that area during the time in the event room.  Please note that Kids In Sports will not be providing snacks or juice until it is deemed safe by the state. If you want to send a snack for your child, it must be a nut-free snack. 
  • After each class, staff members will clean and wipe down equipment, tables, chairs, bathrooms, surfaces and any items used during the class. 


  • When class ends, we will not be cheering with hands in the middle and there cannot be any high fives from coaches to children. We will verbally offer support and cheering.
  • Children will first apply hand sanitizer then gather their belongings from their cubbie.
  • Similar to arrivals, we ask that only one adult enter the facility to pick up the child. If possible, please do not bring any siblings into the facility.
  • Once everyone leaves, staff members will clean for the next class.


Health of children, parents and staff:
  • If your child and/or the adult accompanying them to Kids In Sports for class has a temperature or is coughing, sneezing or showing potential signs of sickness, please do not attend class that day. Contact Kids In Sports to schedule a make-up class.
  • If you, your child or anyone who has been in the facility tests COVID-19 positive OR symptomatic and presumed by their medical provider to have COVID-19, please do not return to Kids In Sports until they have met the criteria for discontinuing home isolation and have consulted with their medical provider. Kids In Sports will notify families and staff about exposure while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Children and staff that have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive or presumed positive case may be required to stay at home for 14 days after the last day of contact with the person who is sick. The facility and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected.